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Carlos Musse

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Carlos Musse

Was born in Octuber 13 of 1955, in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Studied with:
1967-69   - Esteban Garino
1984        - Vicente Martín
1987        - Guillermo Fernández
1989-90   - Clever Lara
1991        - Carlos Lazo - Cinema and Video
1991        - Plastic Arts Museum, Stephen Faharthing (Oxford University)
1991        - Miguel Battegazzore

Exhibitions 1990 - 2010

2010 - Cri´Dart, Metz, La Moselle, Francia

2010 - DGLux, Luxemburgo

2009 - Musée Des Arts Derniers, París, Francia
2009 - Galerie Ines Schulz, Dresden, Alemania
2009 - Galerie inBgriff, Berlín, Alemania
2009 - Ashok Art Gallery, New Delhi, India
2009 -
Autoria BsAs Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2009 - Praxis, Santiago de Chile, Chile
2009 - Artium, Santiago de Chile, Chile
2008 - The Americas Collection, Coral Gables, USA
2008 - The Americas Collection & Rotsen Design in Wynwood, Miami, USA
2008 - Lèche-vitrines Art Alliance, Fort Lauderdale, USA
2008 - Gallery Artchill, Amber Palace, Rajasthan, India
2008 - Art2Day Gallery, Pune, Maharastra, India
2008 - Habitante Art Gallery, Panamá
2008 - Weil Art Art Gallery, Panamá
2008 - Laura Haber Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2007 - Trench Gallery, Punta del Este, Uruguay
2006 - Indico, Montevideo, Uruguay
2001 - La Cartuja, Montevideo, Uruguay
1999 - "First Biennial of Peñarol in Art" L.A.T.U., Montevideo, Uruguay
1995 - "20 years and a studio" Master Cléver Lara Studio, in Municipal Council   

            Hall Montevideo, Uruguay
1995 - Cultural Center of Chimené, Manaos, Brazil
1994 - Contemporary Art Museum, Montevideo, Uruguay
1994 - Light Palace (U.T.E.), Montevideo, Uruguay
1994 - Notaries Art Gallery, Montevideo, Uruguay
1994 - Promotion League of Punta del Este, Maldonado, Uruguay
1994 - Plastic and Visual Arts Museum, Montevideo, Uruguay
1994 - Raw Gallery, London, England
1994 - Galerie K´Art de Simón Kerven, "Carlos Musse y Ernesto Vila", París,

1993 - Liberty Building, Republic Presidency, Montevideo, Uruguay
1993 - Gaucho and Coin Museum, "Children's Villages", Montevideo, Uruguay
1993 - Itinerant Sample, Prize "V Centenary of Plastic Expression", Municipal

.           Councils of Maldonado, Lavalleja, Durazno, Río Negro y Colonia
1992 - French Alliance, Montevideo, Uruguay
1992 - Book Institute, Montevideo, Uruguay
1992 - Juan Manuel Blanes Museum, Montevideo, Uruguay
1992 - Fine Arts Museum, Salto, Uruguay
1992 - Swiss Club, Montevideo, Uruguay
1992 - Montevideo Town Council, Prize "V Centenary of Plastic Expression",

           Montevideo, Uruguay
1991 - Giácomo Lo Bue Art Gallery, Córdoba, Argentina
1991 - Jane de Verner Art Gallery, Ville Franche, Francia
1991 - Italian Institute of Culture, Montevideo, Uruguay
1991 - Ponto a Ponto Art Gallery, Bento Gonçalvez, Brazil
1991 - Buenos Aires City Culture Secretariat, Buenos Aires, Argentina
1991 - Genaro Pérez Fine Arts Museum, Córdoba, Argentina
1991 - Artiguista Didactic Museum, Maldonado, Uruguay
1991 - Jane de Verner Art Gallery, Malmö, Sweden
1991 - El Galpón Theater, Montevideo, Uruguay
1991 - Municipal Underground Art Gallery, "Aluarte 91", Aluminium sculpture,

           Montevideo, Uruguay
1991 - Uruguayan Film Institute, Video "Without time and space", Montevideo,

1990 - Ponto de Arte Art Gallery, Porto Alegre, Brazil
1990 - Cristina González Art Gallery, Porto Alegre, Brazil
1990 - Anglo Institute, Montevideo, Uruguay
1990 - Municipal Underground Art Gallery, Montevideo, Uruguay
1990 - Soudan Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

- First Prize of Painting, "Art First Biennial of Uruguay's Car Club", 1990
- First Prize of Painting, "Art Fourth Biennial of Salto", 1992
- Third Prize of Painting, "80º Anniversary of U.T.E." Contest, 1993
- Selected for Prize "National Fund of Arts", 1990, Buenos Aires City Culture

- Second Prize of Painting, El Galpón Theater, 1990
- Selected Prize "Paul Cézanne", Plastic and Visual Arts Museum, 1990 and

- Selected in Municipal Council Hall, 1990
- Selected 7º in Spring Hall, Anglo Institute
- Selected Prize "Aluarte 91", aluminium sculpture, Municipal Underground Art –

- Selected Prize "Fiftieth Anniversary Notaries Savings Bank" 1991, Notaries Art

- Second Prize "LightningVideo", for video "Without time and space",  

  Uruguayan Film Institute
- Selected Prize "V Centenary de Plastic Expression", 1992, organized by

- Embassy and Iberoamerican Cooperation Institute.
- Selected "First Biennial of Peñarol in Art", 1999, LA.T.U. (Technological

   Laboratory of Uruguay)




 Artist Statement

What to say about my artwork? I do not find it easy to analyze it, may be a good beginning, not any serious analyze is easy, and I do not also feel myself capable to elaborate a theory about my task, it is not my job, I feel like -and it gratifies me more- to be a performer. I know that on a white canvas, I enjoy enormously to provoke on it a sort of invasion, very free and wild, to the best style of “action painting” where I can download with power and confidence colors and forms that I did not know even myself just a moment before I could do, to incur from different angles, and to see little by little what it begins to appear at “random”. After the pause, a moment of quietness observing what is there, until in some sector emerges a shape, a color or a combination of both that seduces me, that suggests me a theme and I begin to think how to integrate the rest of the artwork to that shape. The searching of that integration, most of the time provokes other shapes and sectors to appear which I feel interesting and they finally end covering the original idea, so is that many times I find myself painting and repainting the same artwork once again. When a harmony emerges from the whole, it is after putting the finishing touches to that “rough stone”, that same rough stone that as well as our being can always be improved and polished in its most pronounced edges. After so much display, in a moment I feel a state of infatuation over the artwork, “delighted” for it … and it is at this point that one should let the most objective judge to get in, the time. Many times I discover that that “wonder” has lacks here and there and when trying to correct them … I have to begin once again. Sometimes I think “this artwork is much better than I can paint” and if days go over –and this feeling persists- that infatuation turns into a peaceful joy to contemplate what is done and it is me the first surprised one by the result. I try the artwork to awake an emotion in me, a feeling, a smile or peace when observing it, and when this does not happen, frustration, anger and a wish of destroying everything appear, summing up, the most dark and violent side of oneself. I believe here it is the synthesis of my job, something that is not new in the human being, negative can be transformed into positive. It is not easy. I chose painting. Carlos Musse Montevideo, Uruguay, 2008

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