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ARTEUY.COM.UY, Flike S.A., is a portal in Internet, a virtual gallery, that lodges the greater heap of systematized Uruguayan contemporary art (approx 2000 works of 100 excellent artists, with 4000 pages Web). The phantom of creators includes painters, scpulpters, photographers and digital designers.

ARTEUY must promote, disclose, sell and export Uruguayan and Latin art presenting it in the great global market. Each artist has his own page, his personal gallery where the internauts can sail in independent form in each author and take contact with, in addition to the work, the currículum vitae, photos of the artist and photos in 3 sizes of each one of its works, with its measures, technique, date and price.

No other place, neither real nor virtual exists, where the plastic reality of Uruguay can be appreciated and be discerned in a so ample phantom, or for the purchase, study, or for the simple perception. ARTEUY is a vestibule dynamic, opened to give the welcome to new incorporations, as long as they conform the applied selective criteria.

Uruguay, Mercosur countries and Latino America are recognized by its artistic tradition and in the present it continues surprising with the level of the new generations of creators, to who proud we exhibited in our vestibule. Also we wished to extend our desire to integrate artists of the countries brothers.

Dr. Antonio Mercader, Minister of Education and Culture of the Republica Oriental del Uruguay resolved to support the launching of the portal Exp.N°2001-2095
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