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Ana Baxter

Studies and Activities in Argentina
Artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1942, graduated at the National School of Fine Arts, studied at the painting workshops of Oscar Capristo and Demetrio Urruchúa, and worked for several years at the engraving workshops of Aída Carballo, Osvaldo Romberg and Alfredo de Vincenzo.
Before that, she had studied and performed ballet and modern dance for eight years under Maria Fux ´s directions. She abandoned this activity in 1965 and opened her own painting workshop in Buenos Aires in 1974.
Studies and Activities in Uruguay
In 1979, she establishes in Uruguay, with her family, opens his workshop at Pinegroves Quarter at Punta del Este.
She learns tapestry with Lacy Duarte, in all the techniques.
For two years (1980 - 1982) she collaborates in local radio and TV programs, (Radio Maldonado) (TV Channel 9 ) and in written national media (Feminine Daily Supplement of The Morning of Montevideo, with Maria Rosa Atella), emphasizing the importance of Art in the world.
She dictates free plastic expression at Nº5 Public School and she does it also in a private school (Integral College).
Her workshops won more than one hundred prizes for Uruguay
In 1986, she obtains the Uruguayan citizenship.
Since 1996 she devotes herself to her own work and to graphic design
She participates in more than 300 collective exhibitions and in 25 individual exhibitions since 1968 till 2007:

Collective exhibitions:

1964. - Students' exhibition of Fine Arts, Harrod´s, Buenos Aires, Argentina
- Paintings at the Montiel Tango Foundation, Bs Aires Argentina.
1967 - " Art 67 " she exhibits together with Rómulo Macció, Ernesto Deira, Josefina Robirosa, and twenty more artists in the underground of Nordiska, Bs As, Argentina, as an act of protest, after the Institute Di Tella, is being closed (the most important center of exhibition of the new trends). Bs As Argentina

1968 - National Exhibition of Engraving, Bs As Argentina
. - National Exhibition of Painting, Bs As. Argentina
1971. - The Incandescent Hedgehog Gallery, Bs As. Argentina
1972. - National Exhibition of Engraving. Bs As Argentina
1973. - Municipal Exhibition of Engraving. Bs As Argentina
Autumn Exhibition, Soc. Argentina de Artistas Plásticos, Bs. As. Argentina
. National Exhibition of Engraving, Bs. As. Argentina

1973 - Castagnino Museum (Rosario Santa Fe Argentina)
1974. – Woman´s Exhibition, Isidoro Steinberg, Palais de Glace, Bs. Aires Argentina
. 1976. - National Exhibition of Engraving, Bs. Aires Argentina
1979.- IV Biennale Romana, Rome, Italy. Prize Bernini, Italy.
1980.- V Biennale Romana, Rome, Italy. - prize Bernini, Rome. – Italy
International Hotel Jolly - Rome -Italy.
InternationaI show at Villa Pamphilli, Rome, Italy.
1981. - Artists' Contest and Craftsmen, Montevideo, Uruguay.
1982. - Auction to help the injured soldiers in Malvinas, Club Uruguay - Montevideo Uruguay.
Biennial of the Tapestry supported by SUL, itinerant exhibition for the whole Uruguay.
1983 - Salón Departamental of Maldonado, Uruguay. " The art of our time " in Haedo's “L´Azotea” house . Punta del Este Uruguay
" Modern artists " Italian Trade Gallery, London, England.
-II Latin-American Exhibition of the Woman, Caravelle, Montevideo Uruguay .
The first Biennial of the Tapestry, Bank of the Oriental Republic of the Uruguay.
1984 - " Show for Freedom ", AEBU, Montevideo, Uruguay.
She is a curatrix of the exhibition " Uruguay 84 " .Muestra de 60 Artistas Rioplatenses, School N º 5 of Punta del Este, Uruguay.
" Art with fibers ", Tapestries, Barrack of Maldonado's Dragoons, Uruguay.
" Teachers in the art " on the occasion of the congress of the BID, Gallery Amalfi. of Punta del Este, Uruguay
Artistes de nos jours ", supported by FIAT Italy, in the Institut Promotionnel pour le Commerce Extérieur, in Paris, France. (With Manzú and Guttuso's participation, among others).
- Gallery Sur, Punta del Este, Uruguay.
1987: - Gallery Sur, Punta del Este, Uruguay.
Collective exhibition Palazzo Ostia, Italy.
The Chapel Hotel, Punta del Este, Uruguay.
1988 - Museum del Gaucho y la Moneda - Montevideo. Benefit for Infantile villages.
- Soriano's National Biennial Uruguay.
- Prize Reward Post - Guernica sponsored by the Spanish Embassy, Bruzzone Gallery, Montevideo Uruguay.
1989 -The Same exhibition at the Latin American Art Museum of Maldonado Uruguay
-Of the River Plate region exhibition of the Woman, supported by the Argentinian Embassy, in the Barrack of Maldonado's dragoons.
- Biennial of Engraving, Banco República, Montevideo, Uruguay.
1990 - Latin-American Contest Art On Paper, BsAs Argentina.
- The Chapel Hotel, Punta del Este , Uruguay.
1991 - Week of the Uruguayan Culture, supported by the Uruguayan Embassy in Costa Rica, Exhibition of Engraving selected by the Engraving, Club of the Uruguay. (Invited artists: Luis Solari, Gladys Afamado and Ana Baxter.)
1992 - Exhibition " From Maldonado ", American Gallery, Pocitos, Montevideo Uruguay..

1993-1996- She participates in several collective exhibition in Buenos Aires,Argentina, being outlined the prize Security, in the Palais de Glace, in november 1995.
She was nominated as an outstanding argentinian artist.
1993-1997- Exhibitions at the Andreani Foundation, Fortabat Foundation and at the International Fair of Caracas. Venezuela. (Hilton Hotel.)
1997- Exhibition and Christie's's later Auction, in Gardel's house, to total benefit of the institution, Pocitos, Montevideo, Uruguay.
1998. - collective Exhibition in Gallery ARTENUEVE, in Punta del Este, together with eight Uruguayan artists: Marcelo Acosta y Lara, Enrique Broglia, Héctor del Castillo, Yamandú Tabárez, Raúl Rial, Enrique Medina, Adolfo Sayago and Angel Tejera, during the summer season. Maldonado Uruguay

1998. She exhibits for the third time at the Montevideo Shopping Center Galería Latina " Approaching Art to people " Montevideo. Uruguay

2000 -International show sponsored by Movicom – Amphitheatre Half and Half, Punta del Este - Exhibition of Tango through December. 2001- Maldonado Uruguay
Shows Honoring to Fosforito at the Maire ´s Hall of Montevideo. Uruguay

2002 - Collective exhibition of landscapes - Pueblo Blanco Punta del Este
Collective Exhibition honoring Fosforito – Punta Clásica. Punta del Este (February) Maldonado Uruguay
Collective Exhibition of National Landscape painters at the Mazzoni Museum – Maldonado Uruguay
Shows Latin Gallery - Montevideo Shopping - " Approaching Art to people” . Montevideo - Uruguay

2003: Permanent exhibition at MVD Gallery
(Mercado del Puerto de Montevideo de Montevideo - Galería Cerca del Mercado – Galería latina. Montevideo – Uruguay
- Arteuy:
Tango and seascapes of Uruguay at Galeria BordeRío, Santiago de Chile.
Sponsored by the Uruguayan Embassy in Chile and by Pluna
2002 – 2003: - Uruguayan landscapes at el Molino de Pérez.
- Sanatorio Cantegril de Punta del Este, Artists from Maldonado.
2004: - Murga Mas with Carlos Pirelli, for the opening of her Workshop . Montevideo - Uruguay.

* 200 años of the Cathedral - Montevideo - Galeria Latina - Curia de Montevideo – Hotel Argentino de Piriápolis..
* Art on Stone – Montevideo Shopping - Galería Latina. Auction for Niños con Alas.
2003 – 2004: - Exhibition at the Molino de Pérez. Montevideo - Uruguay

* Exhibition Hotel Sheraton - Niños con Alas Foundation. Uruguay.

2005 : July – December. Exhibition at the Citibank of Miami. . U.S.A.
14 de julio: Exhibition at the Miami Sinagogue . U.S.A.
August: “A Lonja y Color”- Galeria del Notariado – Montevideo Uruguay.

September: *Art on Stone – Montevideo Shopping - Galería Latina. Auction for Niños con Alas. Uruguay.
- October: Galería Latina - Montevideo Shopping – “Approaching Art to People”. . Montevideo - Uruguay.
- Galería Latina: La Eucaristía. . Montevideo - Uruguay.
- 2005: Pereira Rossell Foundation – Auction. Montevideo - Uruguay.
- 2004 – 2005: - Exhibition at el Molino de Pérez Montevideo - Uruguay.

2006: Auction to restore Maldonado´s Cathedral - Hotel Mantra - José Ignacio Uruguay
*Art on Stone – Montevideo Shopping – Galería Latina. Auction Niños con Alas. Montevideo - Uruguay.
- Galería Latina - Montevideo Shopping – “Approaching Art to People”. Montevideo - Uruguay.

2005 – 2006: - - Exhibition at el Molino de Pérez Montevideo - Uruguay.
2006 - 2007: Exhibition at the Museo del Carnaval - Cerca del Mercado Gallery, summer season Montevideo - Uruguay.
July 2007 : Exhibition at the Mantra Hotel - Galería de Los Caracoles – José Ignacio- Uruguay
August 2007: Aniversary of the Lions´Door in Jerusalem. Exhibition sponsored by the Israelian Embassy in Uruguay. . Montevideo - Uruguay
October: Exhibition on benefit of the Hospital Maciel. Montevideo - Uruguay.

Individual exhibitions

1972: - Chacabuco's Visual Arts Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1977: Gallery Lirolay, Bs. As, Argentina.
Gallery Atica, Bs. As. Argentina.
Punta del Este Maldonado Journal, Uruguay.
1978: - Colonial Gallery, Punta del Este, Uruguay.
1979: - Gallery Traiano, Frossinone, Italy.
1980: - Gallery The Spatola, Rome, Italy.
1981: - Cantegril Country Club, Punta del Este, Uruguay.
1982: - The Bottega del Quadro, Rome, Italy.
Gallery Spazio Amalfi, Punta del Este, Uruguay.
1984: - Gallery Unika, Punta del Este, Uruguay.
1987: - Italian Institute of Culture, Montevideo, Uruguay.
Uruguayan consulate in New York, U.S.A.
1989: - Cantegril Country Club, Punta del Este, Uruguay.
1992: - Gallery Bruzzone, Montevideo, Uruguay. (Supported by the Embassy of Peru.)
1994: - Cantegril Country Club, Punta del Este, Uruguay.
1995: - Uruguayan Consulate in New York. U.S.A.
1997 - Shows honoring 90 years Punta del Este, Promotion League - Punta del Este Uruguay.
1998: - Homenaje a Piazzolla - Victoria Plaza Hotel, Montevideo at the Ball Room foyer, with the performance of Piazzolla Quintet and Milva.
2002 –Punta Clásica – Punta del Este seascapes- landscapes.
She paints a fresco in La Pedrera, Rocha- Uruguay.
2003 – Galería La Lupa “Inéditos”- Montevideo - Uruguay.
2004- Tango Exhibition in La Creperie - Montevideo - Uruguay.

2005: July - August: Tango Exhibition in Galería Tabarís – Montevideo - Uruguay.

1979:-Premio Bernini, drawing and mixed techniques, Rome, Italy.
1980:-Membro d´onore , Prize Ostia, Rome, Italy.
1981: First Drawing Prize Leonardo daVinci, Rome, Italy.
1982:- Drawing Prize Villa Pamphilli, Rome, Italy.
1983: Fourth Reward - Tapestry Biennial – Banco República de Uruguay.
1988: - Latin-American Engraving 2 º prize - Biennial, Bs As. Argentina.
Fourth Reward Post Guernica Exhibition (Engraving) sponsored by the Embassy of Spain, at Gallery Bruzzone, Montevideo, Uruguay.
1989: - First Reward Mention Latin-American Exhibition of Engraving, A.L.A.P, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Fourth Acquisition reward National Engraving exhibition, of the Banco República, Uruguay.
1995: - Security Prize, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Included in a selection of thirty better professional artists of Argentina)
1998: - Reward for her Artistic Work, granted by the Ministry of Tourism of Uruguay.
2001: - Punta del Este Ministry of Tourism Reward, as a cultural journalist.

They possess her works:

Museum of Tel Aviv's Modern Art, Israel.
*Museo Nazionale di Albano, Italy.
Museo Municipal de Maldonado. Uruguay.
* Collection Banco República de Uruguay of Tapestry and Engraving.
*Colección BID, Washington, U.S.A.
* Uruguayan Council of New York, U.S.A.
Private collections: Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Finland, England, USA, Australia, Hong Kong, and Israel.
Israelian Embassy in Uruguay.


Mail of Art editions 1977-1981. (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Commanducci Yearbook edition 1982-83. (Italy)
Scena Illustrata (1980) art magazine, Rome, Italy.
" Momenti and presenze italiane " illustrated catalogue of Albano's museum, Italy, with the array assembled by the President at the time of the Republic, Don Sandro Pertini
Gallery Sur - general catalogue - edition 1984 - 1987- Punta del Este - Uruguay.
Exhibition Post - Guernica, Uruguayan winning artists, catalogue illustrated and commented by the critic Ernesto Heine.
Critical notes at the most relevant national journals: Mr. Miguel Carbajal, Mr. Vernazza and Mr. Ernesto Heine, among others.
Uruguayan Women Biographical Dictionary , 2000 edition (Osvaldo A. Fraire)
Comments in English:
“Ana Baxter transforms metaphysical signs into visual images, and strains them through her feminine, sentimental and material nature. Thelia Behar. (Buenos Aires Herald. Argentina - 1977)
“She is an artist that structures a world of singular images, travelling in poetic flights”. Oscar Félix Haedo. (Correo de Arte – Buenos Aires, Argentina – 1978)
“Is astonishing her keen abilities with materials and elements”. Alfredo Andrés (Diario La Opinión Buenos Aires, Argentina- 1978)
“Ana Baxter is an artist in permanent creative tension among the ideal of a sublime world and trivial realities, sometimes cruel, of our suffering Humanity. Alejandrina Morelli (Diario Península, Punta del Este, Uruguay - 1980)
“Her etchings must be classified as figurative and symbolic. The taste of her vigorous and perfect quality for engraving confirms her passionate and inspired daily work.” Enrique Vernazza (Diario El País, Montevideo, Uruguay 1984)
“In etchings, Ana Baxter shows permanent inspiration, subtle delicacy and grace.” Amalia Poleri. (Diario El País, Montevideo, Uruguay. 1984)
“Ana Baxter is a young talent, and creates a suggestive universe of images”. Miguel Carbajal. (Diario El País, Montevideo, Uruguay – 1985)
“From deep silence is born and grows Ana Baxter´s soul, with a strong whisper of faith and hope.” Marco Orsi. ( Mensuario delle Arti, Rome, Italy, 1985)
“Hard artistic work in Ana Baxter is sustained by her day - dream vision, without abandoning daily realities of her surrounding world.” Mila Murzi. (Scena Illustrata – Semanario delle Arti - Rome – Italy –1985)
“Ana Baxter rescues artistic values, expressing herself with universal codes. This South American artist that came to Rome to present her work, upholds these values without limits in space and time.”
Profesor Carlo Savini. Vice- Presidente della Unione Europea dei Critici d´ Arte - 1985.
( Diario L´ Osservattore Romano, Rome, Italy. – 1985)
“Ana Baxter, is an expert artist in the interpretation of secret thoughts, through her exquisite and mental masked faces”. Contesa Daria Federici. (Scena Illustrata. Rome – Italy. 1986 )
“She is a painter with a finest perception in colour, tones and forms, that has been recognized in many countries of Latinamerica and Europe, as well as in the United States of America”. Mayling Carro Amorín (Diario La Mañana - Montevideo- Uruguay -1997).
“ These paintings are essentially Uruguayan. By the subject and the character, the atmosphere, the richness of colour. Humidity absorbs with poetry the air of those landscapes at the countryside and there is a special dramatic expression at the faces, which are the essence of candombe, so pathetic and sensuous. Congratulations!!!”
Elisa Roubaud 2003
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